October 17, 2011


I really admire some people can come out with so many ideas to refashion t shirt... and i finally have the courage to "korban"kan  one of  my abandon t shirt ( which actually was my brother's-- intentionally to pass to my boys.. but it was way too un-trendy for them (accordingto them not me).. and way to small for my husband.. and way too  "hot" for me... so apa lagi...
so i ended up from one long sleeve t shirt to 1 pair of pants ( from the long sleeves) and 1 nightware (from the body of the tshirt) for my daughters...

 and it was my first trial for applique.. (or perhap just an opaque patching??) apa-apa la.. but it was really fun trying....nak cuba?? try use this tutorial..from HELPING LITTLE HAND

Just in case you r asking what's on my daughter's hair??
it was the "newest-bestest-cheapest" way of rebonding ( my boys style by using thier sister as a model)..sporting pulak si adik tu...which it was my fancy wooden peg..
by the way...
 here's the nightware... inspired from this TUTORIAL by stitch7.. 

Actually the black pants was not my first trial for refashion tshirt, my first trial pants was this one..NAK TRY.. JOM TENGOK.
The best part was.... bila da nak siap da.. baru perasan tang kaki sebelah right side and satu lagi sebelah wrong side.. malas nak retas... tambah ribbon.. pastu.. haaaa kembang daaa....


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