July 28, 2011


Really excited to try everything when i first read about Kak Mila comment, sharing and link-ing about the blog..

I choose the simpliest and easy level .. so that i try immediately.. i choose to try  THE CHERRY BAG 

And i even tried the Fabric Flower.. LOVE IT LOVE IT... so simple and different version of "bag ponjot"..

My personal comment :(Beg ni leh kembang kuncup kudupnya... kalau dilipatkan.. boleh jadikan poket sisi luar.. so leh selitkan handphone or duit singgit singgit buat duit tol )

PostHeaderIcon BIRTHDAY TIME!!! .. AGAIN..

Well, this is what i get when my 4th son's friend having a birthday party at the Kindergarden... just imagine if the students are 20 pupils.. so 20 times birthday parties in one whole year.. wow!!
really missed my Kindergarden time ( my old times no bday party la.. but the study time was the play time and eat time!!)

However, i m thrilled when everytime my son showed me the MESSAGE BOOK with a birthday note. I took it as a challenge on what to do / sew to make a gift .. will ask my son's opinion on this matter.. ( i will "tapis" the difficulties level la , of course..)..

So here is a gift for "Aibeq" (what a unique name)... hope he likes it...
July 26, 2011


While i am "gladly" continuing my WIP with a brand new matching thread... and with a new spirit to finish them all before Ramadhan...
There came my 4th son with his MESSAGE BOOK.. with his "mess-age" voice ( due to his non-stop talking and talking ) telling me that tomorrow he's going for EDUCATIONAL TRIP TO ZOO JOHOR..
He said " Teacher said.. can bring only "Bekal Air".. if do not have carrier.. can tie a string on the bottle to carry it.." ... aduh kesian nye...

So i dropped everything... and doing this bottle carrier for the rest of the day...

even he requested that his "A" should be that way... not as "a"
so glad he likes it because he is kind of "shame-shame" boy when comes to new or different things than his friends..
Personally my favourite part was its nose.. because it's made from a pointing round button which originally meant for baju melayu... well at least something for my boy to "gentel2" while he's bored...:D

WIP will soon continues... while wondering... emmm should i add "whiskers" to differentiate between 'a mouse" or " a monkey"? ...  my husband answered was.. " let's people guessing..."
July 24, 2011


Nobody likes this junk old sponge such like below... even my baby doesn't adore it...

 But i was inspired by SEW CAN DO...
to make "magic"...

and with the the Monday mood  plus the BLUE's fabric... the transformed done with happy ending story .and a smile on my baby face... even Spongebob loves it...!!!!
( i dont have a heart to tell Spongebob that that sofa was originally from his own kind...:D)

July 21, 2011

PostHeaderIcon I M IN A GOOD MOOD.... :D

yes... and alhamdulilah...

after finished breakfast n cleaning up and half way doing normal chores.. checking my email while reading my Google reader... i received a GOOD NEWS!!

i am one of 8 winners!!!!

and here'is one of the prizes...

TQ TQ see the link!! 
and to see what i wrote to deserve this.. see here...

PostHeaderIcon IT'S HERE... IT'S FREE... IT'S HANDMADE...

Thank you Niza....

July 20, 2011


But... i ended up doing this thing!!!


OOO my... what you should do when you are out of matching thread for your WIP .. and you are too lazy to go out ???


1. TAKE A BREAK?.. no no.. or else the WIP turn out to be MIA

2. CONTINUE SEWING WITH OTHER THREAD??.. O..M..G...are you nuts... cikgu marah nanti..

3. ADOPT A KITTEN?? whatt!!!!!..emmm ok.. not a bad idea...:D

ooowwww doesn't she look cute and adorable.... *cair jiwa dan raga*
ok la adopt one more...

uhuhuh tak rugi... tak rugi... try this POINTY KITTY PLUSHIES and all your addicted to sewing melted..

It so happened that my daughter adores kittens... :D
July 18, 2011


 i finally done with my Cekak Musang.. or should i called them as "Ceong Sam Collar".
 and here are some notes which for my self reminder.. since i may need these.. perhaps.. next year.... wakakaka ( al maklum.. buat setahun sekali)


Tips of the day
1. Fabric for "Tetulang" to follow the grain
2. fabric for collar... to be "serong" sikit baru cantik..
3. Try to avoid the thread to be "putus-putus"... better go straight jer.. baru nampak ok..
4. Always double check the measurement kat neckline tu before cutting interfacing + fabric ...
5. The "teeth" kat Tetulang tu.. biar ada gap... baru senang n cantik..

and here are the half way thru for my 2nd WIP...
and today i finished  with my 4th putera's cekak musang.
Tapi ada ke patut bila suruh dia try .. dia kata " Cam Ultraman Jahat la"... heheh because the Badan not yet cantum ngan lengan...
July 13, 2011

PostHeaderIcon WHAT ELSE???

Tulip Pouch bag for my cousin's daughter...


I am doing my second WIP for baju melayu... kind of upset with the  outcome of my "Cekak Musang".. so ended up ( terpesong & terkeluar dari landasan ....) doing these for my mom..

July 12, 2011



1. Simply leave a comment on HER ( COLOR ME PRETTY) post - telling her which is my favorite from all of my handmades. 
i always admire her wallet with lots lots of compartments... :D 
but of course the Zipper Accordian wallet also is marvellous..."P
2. Don't forget to leave a valid email address (so that I can contact you if you win).

That's it, easy right :)

She will close the giveaway on Saturday, July 16 , 11pm. Open to everyone , worldwide !

PostHeaderIcon 3rd cum 2nd Giveaway -CREATIVE COCOON and D'Amani Cottontherapy

The details of the giveaway, as follows:
DURATION: 4-17 July, 2011
to participate, please:
a) follow Creative Cocoon and D'Amani Cottontherapy (if you haven't) - DONE!! ( umi Eca / girlynicknack)
b) like us/become our friend at our facebook pages (if you haven't) - done too!!
c) let us know "what's your opinion about handmade items?"
My opinions about handmade items...they are
1) original... (asli !!)
2) will never be perfect duplicate.
3) no body can get the same item even they go to the same shop (blog)
4) is made for you only..
5) if you are a sewer, you will be satisfied when somebody else appreciate your handmade
6) handmade by yourself for your own will be the best!! (Tapi kalau boleh dan mampu la... uhuhuh like myself... nak buat.. tapi tak sempurna..) 
7) if only i can get the free sponsor clutches or the pouch for coming raya... and especially it's handmade.. it will be wonders...

d) leave your comment here with the link of your blog entry about this giveaway, or you can do that at the D'Amani Cottoctherapy's website; you don't have to comment at both sites
July 5, 2011

PostHeaderIcon My "dream bag" comes true - part 2 and the end...

6 Julai 2011

I finally finished and done with my "dream bag"
(amboi sengkek nye... sampai handbag sempoi pun jadik dreamed.. ek?? tak kisah... janji apa yang kita nak dah dapat seperti yang kita bayangkan... heheheh anda ada???)

here is the exterior bag  with a big bow.. ( well da kemaruk bow da nie..:D) with the compartment with pouch style (as per my previous post)
interior bag ... with side zipper pocket and compartments... and magnetic button for closure... 
(al kisah.. magnetic button yg sy surf kat internet ... is the one yg kena  "slit cut and install"... tapi yg i beli ni.. rupanya yg cam butang... jahit kat lubang jer... senang.. tapi cam tak kemas laaa...)

and again... my matching Tulip Pouch Bag ( of course with a bow!!)..  it's reversible too... and also with side compartments at both sides...
July 1, 2011


1st july 2011
I m searching ideas for new ideas of pouches... stytlish + flowery + pouch style... so i came across Mila @ Rimbun...n i m falling to try the tulip pockets...

 i am so in "handles"... i add a handle!!

really really happy with this "tulip kudup"... thanks again to Mila ... n original idea from Korean's blog...

PostHeaderIcon MY "DREAM" Bag comes true...PART 1

29 june 2011
I'm able to visualized half of my "what's in my mind" bag... i started with my removable organizer... 

instead of tab at both side... i changed them with handles..

i also m very happy that my "tulip" succeeed...

HERE some more ideas for pockets....

Why 2nd blog?

Established in April 2011 (after a year from existence of my 1st blog). For my personal filing and ease of reference. Also as a place to preserve and a way for my self expression for all my previous learning processes, experiences and the time spent.
*Wish that you all would kindly excuse me for my poor command of English for I'm only an occasional English user.
*I appreciate it very much, if you be kind enough to leave me a note or two to mark your visit.*
*Thank you.*



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