July 5, 2011

PostHeaderIcon My "dream bag" comes true - part 2 and the end...

6 Julai 2011

I finally finished and done with my "dream bag"
(amboi sengkek nye... sampai handbag sempoi pun jadik dreamed.. ek?? tak kisah... janji apa yang kita nak dah dapat seperti yang kita bayangkan... heheheh anda ada???)

here is the exterior bag  with a big bow.. ( well da kemaruk bow da nie..:D) with the compartment with pouch style (as per my previous post)
interior bag ... with side zipper pocket and compartments... and magnetic button for closure... 
(al kisah.. magnetic button yg sy surf kat internet ... is the one yg kena  "slit cut and install"... tapi yg i beli ni.. rupanya yg cam butang... jahit kat lubang jer... senang.. tapi cam tak kemas laaa...)

and again... my matching Tulip Pouch Bag ( of course with a bow!!)..  it's reversible too... and also with side compartments at both sides...


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