August 27, 2011

PostHeaderIcon iT'S fINALLY HERE..

here is my "raya" pouch... tq sooooooooooooooo much..

PostHeaderIcon BIB + APRON = BAPRON

That's no use when baju kurung is nice but bila makan jadik comot... so i made 2 "bapron"s by using this link. and tutorial.. and i add a pocket ( doremon's pocket that is) to catch any "fish"... and they are reversible too...
dont you think it's cute?? i am into polka dot now... ngheeee


Every year during hari raya.. i always stand-by envelopes for each of my boys to put all their collectibles angpow-s before they start to count them later. Sometimes they will ask me to hold on to the angpow first... and most of the time i messed-up... ( daaa warna angpow sama pasal g rumah yang sama, baju raya sama pasal adik beradik.. sedondon, kan.. semua sama.. so bila tangan yang menghulur tu lebih kurang jer..). 

They do not prefer wallet because the angpow packets will make their wallet bulky..
this year what i did was.. i made 5 handmade wallets.. not really wallet la.. more to envelopes with their names on for them to differentiate,keep, count and put anyway they think safe...pastu ada lak nak request compartment with zip... emm so pasal tak pandai lagi nak buat compartments... so i just make simple ala ala pencil box to put in the fabric envelopes..

 the funny things is.. when they put their wallet in the pencil box.. and the pencil box in this envelope... really makes bag in the bag in the bag concept...

 actually it's all started when they saw my "this thing" where i put all my Giveaway angpows... which i also usually use envelope to put my duit raya.s.

August 26, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Try These Techniques for Perfectly Beautiful Seams

need to try these one day... go to this link for detail


Here's another useful tip to share... and here's the link...


i came across this solutions and i would like to share...never cross my mind... good idea!!..

August 21, 2011

PostHeaderIcon My husband's request for raya...

Well, my husband requested ( perhaps he just wanted to give challenge to my "new skill" and new hobby) lagipun i still have no guts to sew him a baju melayu.. not yet... maybe next he requested for our dining chairs to be "wrapped".. since they are too long naked... so ...

check-out the knots at the back, babe...
tapi i try with "belacu" fabric.. since it is off white color.. and easy to handle...
... tapi .. my hubby siap cakap.. da macam kat kedai makan la pulak.. hehehe
.. takpe la lepas ni da ada pattern and experience nie.. later leh guna fabric mahal sikit and ada pattern sikit...

beraya dengan bergaya la my dining chairs tahun nie... :D


i felt guilty ( tah sapa la nak hukum ek?? :D) so i add more roses to the yellow baju kurung... to be fair to the pink baju kurung... hehehe takde keje carik keje...

August 16, 2011

PostHeaderIcon MY WIP finally DONE!!

Alhamdulilah... i finally done with my WIP.. baju raya 2011.. 
and here are the result..

 Bersulam sulam lagi baju anak dara ku tahun ni... this time i tried French knot for the flowers ( as per my husband's choice) and feather stitch for the leaves... yang stem dia i tried emmm couching style..
ada sesiapa nak try.. boleh click sini.. macam-macam ada..
i am satisfied with the result... when i compared to the yellow baju kurung.. aduhai.. jauhnya beza..
 below were the process of choosing the pattern and style of embroidery which i tried 

 with my husband's sketch.... and his choice of pattern and style (french knot..)

August 10, 2011

PostHeaderIcon MY NEW WIP... BAJU KURUNG for my daughter

i managed to finish the first baju ... 
it seems so dull.. so i try my "skill" in embroidery this time...:)

kind of sloppy... but heah... it was my first attempt to do embroidery on baju kurung...and i think.. well not that bad...but i kind of lack of practice and ideas to play with colors and patterns.. i couldnt decide which colors to suit well... i ended putting 3 colors for the roses...
takpe la... for kid aje... for se simple as possible... ( heheh itu jer la yang termampu and berani for time being..)

and now i m working on the second baju kurung... emmm start to think on the pattern and colors to play with...

PostHeaderIcon My WIP for raya finally done!!

Baju Ceongsam (Cekak Musang) for my Putera 1
3 Baju Johor ( Teluk Belanga) for Putera 2, 3 dan 4
1 Baju Kurung for my only daughter.. 

CEKAK MUSANG FOR FOUR PUTERAs'  with their matching sampin

( well my daughter's still in WIP.. though.. :(.. but that will be a different WIP...

And just want to share what i found and bought from Mydin recently...

it's "songket" tiruan for sampin...

Well, in my opinion it's value for money... no need to buy the original songket when the kids will only wear (tahan to wear)  them.. probably 2 or 3 hours in the raya morning...the rest of the day.. the songket will be "missing in action" till Umi gather them all...


I Just cant stop myself to do these things since i saw the tutorial on this blog... i ended doing them... four.. in a row... to match with my daughter's white dress... love it love it love it !!!

there're also more tutorial HERE!!
August 7, 2011


Remember i've done transformation from the big sponge to a  single kid's sofa??

Well, since there's always sibling rivalry... i transformed the single into double sofa... even can be sofa bed for the kids..

PostHeaderIcon DRAWSTRING BAGs for songkok

BEFORE ramadhan, i went to Mydin with my boys... and i saw Mydin are selling songkok ( not sure whether it's sales cheap or not) but through past experience if i ignore the first glance.. the next time i want to buy it will be "no more size" or i will totally forget to buy... so i asked the boys to grab their own size each one...

when i asked them to put at the counter to pay.. i realized the songkok were "naked"!! no boxes!! My boys said... " takde box la umi..." like i dont know or they didnt know.. the boxes were at the bottom of the shelves ... need to take lorr... ish malas nak patah balik with the long Q behind.. just pay and blah..

As sampai rumah, their abah bising.."ni songkok ni buat sangkut abuk by the time raya"... iye jugak kan.. so... Umi made these "punjut" for time being...
da macam penyamun tarbus punya uncang da... to differentiate them...i put their names...

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