August 27, 2011


Every year during hari raya.. i always stand-by envelopes for each of my boys to put all their collectibles angpow-s before they start to count them later. Sometimes they will ask me to hold on to the angpow first... and most of the time i messed-up... ( daaa warna angpow sama pasal g rumah yang sama, baju raya sama pasal adik beradik.. sedondon, kan.. semua sama.. so bila tangan yang menghulur tu lebih kurang jer..). 

They do not prefer wallet because the angpow packets will make their wallet bulky..
this year what i did was.. i made 5 handmade wallets.. not really wallet la.. more to envelopes with their names on for them to differentiate,keep, count and put anyway they think safe...pastu ada lak nak request compartment with zip... emm so pasal tak pandai lagi nak buat compartments... so i just make simple ala ala pencil box to put in the fabric envelopes..

 the funny things is.. when they put their wallet in the pencil box.. and the pencil box in this envelope... really makes bag in the bag in the bag concept...

 actually it's all started when they saw my "this thing" where i put all my Giveaway angpows... which i also usually use envelope to put my duit raya.s.


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