August 21, 2011

PostHeaderIcon My husband's request for raya...

Well, my husband requested ( perhaps he just wanted to give challenge to my "new skill" and new hobby) lagipun i still have no guts to sew him a baju melayu.. not yet... maybe next he requested for our dining chairs to be "wrapped".. since they are too long naked... so ...

check-out the knots at the back, babe...
tapi i try with "belacu" fabric.. since it is off white color.. and easy to handle...
... tapi .. my hubby siap cakap.. da macam kat kedai makan la pulak.. hehehe
.. takpe la lepas ni da ada pattern and experience nie.. later leh guna fabric mahal sikit and ada pattern sikit...

beraya dengan bergaya la my dining chairs tahun nie... :D


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