June 28, 2011

PostHeaderIcon WHAT'S IN MY MIND....????


PostHeaderIcon WIP DAY 8 : FINISHES

Well, i think it's not fair that i'm counting my WIP with days... it's should be in NO's... right? since i m not concentrating the WIP in the day to day basis... ( quite boring la with that method)... in fact i m mingling with other things in between...


The progress now..almost done... right now i m doing Tulang belut for my 2nd sons ( i started from my 4th and 3rd ).. so which means... i am now at 2.5/4 stage..about 65% for the tulang belut... but for baju.. 100% done...

My tulang belut is getting better ( as per my husband's observation la...)
as i m doing that stitch.. i kept reminding myself about...:
1) jahitan kena rapat2.. (as per my "online teacher"'s remarks... - thanks dear :D )
2) consistency is a must..
3) good lighting ( kalau tak asyik terbabas jer... n  ended up ...ngantuk babe...)
4) mood mesti ada...


i really in love in entering Giveaway now... so here's a new one...

Okay, next is the GA's rules:

For Blogger:

1) Make an entry of this GA with official GA's banner  - done!
2) Follow my blog and 'Like' Sewlove - done!
3) All done, leave a comment here with your blog's link  ^  ^- done!! .. pls see here

June 26, 2011


26TH JUNE 2011
I knew that somehow someday i will need a used fabrics from trousers for something useful... hehe luckily i saved some of my husband's trousers & khaki pants which still in good conditions in certain parts.. esp at the pockets area...
and my boys keep forgeting their "bekas bekal" when returning home from school... and their excuses will be "not enough hand to grab everything " ... i was wondering how come every morning i can see they have both hands (enough) for everything??.. excuses.. excuses..

so... tara... my alternatives and solutions for "not enough hand"'s excuses.. 
when u can use your shoulder to carry these... SLING BAG FOR YOUR "BEKAL" 
which i inspired form PETITE PURLS's blog

i add additional "pouch" or "punjut" at the top of the bag to cover or perhaps to avoid if the bottle accidentally   "jumping out" to commit suicide.. :D ..besides the boys said that their friends like to peeping into their things esp new things / "gadget" ...

Big enough to carry a small snack container and a bottle of water... even it has a front pocket to slot in pen-drives, money and note books... ( in fact i heard they said they wanted to put pencil case... emmm wahtever.. as long as you guys happy). tHIS bag also has a secret compartment at the bag... (which is the slip pocket at the side)... they are so eager to model it at school.. i not even finish the finishes... well... as usual.. as a "prototype".. .i m glad they like it...... i hope  they will have "everything" when they come home today.. everyday...:D
June 25, 2011


25TH JUNE 2011

Today was a "Open day" at my 2nd & 3rd boys' school. The day to pick up their REPORT CARDs... 
So....I went... i meet the teachers... i also meet other parents... and i  meet my son's "rival" mother too... ( rival in a good term, k..) 
then, i remembered about her daughter's birthday coming soon.. i need to "balas" her gift to my son's birthday before... (her = the mother, because the daughter did not even know about the thing in the box). :D
Came back from school... i start doing my project.. at first i thought i want to do my mini multupurpose.. but my son's suggested that she probably loves the boxy pencil box.. 

so.. with PVC.. again...with matching yellow fabric.. (murah aje.. beli kat Kamdar..)

i added a big bow since i also loves the bow as such... 

i hope she likes it... ehem .. i meant her mother likes it... :D


24TH june 2011
 i was so "admiring" (so called SS now) my multipurpose bag till i m falling to buy a PVC fabrics... but... when i try to search the pro n cons of the quality  n way to sew them... there're so many techniques n tips that hinted the fabric will be too sticky too sew by its' own... 
well, "kalau tak cuba tak tahu", so, i ended sewn my own prototype for my so call MULTIPURPOSE bag... well.. not bad... not as tough as i thought... (maybe they're refering to different type of fabric... or perhaps.. it will  damaged my machine.. sooner or later...)

this was my first time doing the zipper in the bags which i followed U-HANDBAG's tutorial.. by slotting the pieces through the outer fabric... or other way to learn is through CRAFT PASSION's tutorial.

I plan to use Magnetic buttons... but still figuring where to buy and how to install... I am considering to buy at ETSY.. but need to buy in 50pcs.. ( would it worth it?) and i found DESIGNER BAG's how to install a sew-in magnetic bag and at LOVEMEKNOT CREATIONS on How to Install a Magnetic Snap. And for the meanwhile i just used VELCRO..

emm... while i m still "stunt" with my work.. my 4th son came to me with a note from kindergarten informing on the coming birthday party for one of their students which also one of my son's classmate.. ( infact he even mentioned that the girl is his "girlfriend"!!  perasan tul..)... well, the right time, the right thing!! The bag is hers...


June 22, 2011


It's been a while since the last time i updated the WIP progress...(well maybe bcoz  it's STILL n ALWAYS in the progress... ngheee..)

So after undo stitches of the pockets.. redo.. stitched again... so .. the result is much better version... ( i think)..

Then i started attaching the "Kekek" to "Pesak"... then to "Lengan"... and to the "Body"... in between one baju melayu to the other.. i managed to finish one " Tulang Belut" on neckline to my putera4's baju melayu.. kind of "kasar"... but.. "belasah" jer la... :D

1. The tracing paper which they claimed to be washable and erasable... actually it will takes awhile... (which wil be a long-long time) to be erased.. so .. make sure you trace on the wrong side . or use only chalk (kapur)... not as per my "belasah" type... which ended with my boys will be wearing baju melayu raya with "tracing" marks... hehehe.. (well what the hacks...) .. i hope nobody will pay any attention to the details.. except me... 

2. Iron will be your "best" buddy through out the process of attaching... no iron... no neat... so,sweating during that, is a must!!!

3.  Keep on "testing" on your boys' body esp when they are around you... so that you can adjust immediately... especially the length of the pants... and the length of "lengan"... even though i measured them before... but miracles happened... my measurements are seldom right!! (emm maybe that's why my boys will keep their distance when i'm with Mr Singer... )

4. Patience... patience...
June 21, 2011


21ST JUNE 2011
I m falling in love with the tutorial of turning a pillowcase into a grocery tote bag from SPIDERWOMANKNITS.. 
it's so simple and the size is suitable to slot between driver's seat and passengers seat in the car.. so easy to reach things esp when my baby need anything.. however i found it's not firm..
so, i have an idea to turn the bag into diaper bag with slot and compartments..which MODA BAKE SHOP has the tutorial

However, i think ended  turned out to be MULTIPURPOSE BAG since my baby's stuffs and my stuffs can be stuffed into the bag... i will use this bag for a while ( prototype la konon...:) ) to see the function and practically before i sew a new and better version of the bag..
June 17, 2011

PostHeaderIcon OOO I WISH I CAN DO THESE ...

Besides my current commitments - (daily chores n WIP).. i do wish n already fall in love with the below projects...

French Desk Set: Pencil Cups

June 14, 2011


My package from Princess Closet  which i won from European Blockbuster Giveaway event. was here yesterday (14 june 2011)
I promised her i'll link her back once the fabric turn out to something... what should i make??
Any suggestions??


But why "RETAS BALIK"????
because.... emmm yesterday i went to the usual place i send for serger... but this time the owner of the shop said " TAda SENANG OOO TAda SENANG...!!" not even looked up at me.. huh... ('action' heah?!!).... even though i kind of upset with her respond... i kept my voice low... until she finally looked up and maybe she just realized i was holding my baby with one hand .. and the other hand my bag ( ooo my green bag).. then she lowered down her voice and recommended me to the other shop. I went to the suggested shop, but it was closed... my last chance was to go to my tailor where i used to go for my handmade baju kurung... i try to avoid to go there..due to....'segan ooo'... her hand sewn is very neat... but... what the hack...

So, i went there... with my hands open and of course my mind should be opened as i am in learning process now, right... ego has to put aside... uhuhuh.. and.. she immediately responded to my works... ( surprisingly i took her adviced with glad)... she even taught me and gave me a tutorial on "how to curve my pocket.. and how to sew the pocket to the fabric".. 

So the lessons learned today... with the TIPs ( as i maybe knew, but took for granted)

1) my pockets should be in curves... (bulat) at below corner...

the funny things is.. my pockets were round... but the way i sewn them make them not round...:D

 2) the grain of the body fabric was not parallel with the grain of my pocket... 

which i knew ... but hoping tt nobody noticed.. hehehe... but a tailor knows best!!

3) My thread was a bit darker compared to my fabric... the thread should be lighter in color to blend-in into the fabric so that if there's any mistake not so obvious...

... as i bought the thread before, i was hoping that the colour will match with the fabric... as yellow is yellow... hehe silly me..

so... UNDO ALL!!!... luckily the body and the other parts yet to sew... n raya is still far away... still ample time to redo ... no prob.. n so glad that the first shop "shush" me away... or else.. my sticthing ... well... you can guess, right???

THANK YOU K IDA... for willing to show me my wrong doings..... :D
like pepatah melayu saying..."Segan bertanya sesat jalan"...

after alterations... 
(changed thread, fabric grain.. and curve...!! yeah.. )

emm leh tengok kat Mila@ Rimbun .. ada tutorial n tips lekat poket...

June 13, 2011



DUE DATE : 10th July 2011

Ada dua cushion cover di sini.
  • Pilih satu yang kamu suka

  • ..
  • Tuliskan di dalam komen entry ini tidak kurang dari dua puluh (20) perkataan :-

1. pasal nak dijadikan "UMI PUNYA!!" (so tak bercampur air liur basi ngan anak2 punya)  

2. pastu  bila anak-anak masing-masing da ambik kusyen masing2... 5 orang anak... so lima lima kusyen gone... bila seisi "landing time".. so at least ada la kawan sofa tu.. tak bogel jer.. 

3. lagipun boring aaa asyik dengan sarung kusyen PLAIN jer.. sama cam hidup nie.. plain jer x best.. ada "LOVE" baru la meriah.... 

  • Letakkan juga jawapan kamu di dalam blog kamu dan letak link blog sekali dengan jawapan kamu di dalam kotak komen.. da kat sini

  • Saya mahukan jawapan yang kreatif dan sebab yang menarik. - ok .. rasa gambar ni kreatif tak?? :D
  • Tidak perlu bodek saya dengan jawapan seperti ... "kerana coraknya cantik, jahitan kemas (???) benang yang sangat menawan, tuan penjahit yang comel dan ayu (????) ...."
  • ... takde2... mana ada bodek :P


Yesterday was a boring day.. as it was raining heavily .. cats n dogs... n suddenly i've very heavy headache.. . so postponed again my WIP.. called my hubby to fetch the boys..so afraid to drive as (1) rained (2) headache (3) driving with 2 kids (4) my driving licience expired -( jz realized!!! )

when my headache subsided... as usual... itchy hand needs to sew...(new addicted sindroms - i guess).. so again.. fabric liner for basket storage.. this time around .. it is an IKEA's basket.. !! in fact 2 baskets for my children's toys n junk...  
... with covered version.. (tutup aurat....)

me happy... the basket.. should be happy...



baru nak jinak2 ngan blog azima nie (pssst.. da jadik follower da)... blog yang banyak memberi inspirasi esp masa buat baju melayu anak2.. siap link kan lagi (iklan...).. tak caye??? tengok sini..dan sini  dan juga suka baca tips2.. dan borak2 azima nie..

DUE DATE : 30 JUNE 2011

What to do?
1. make one entry? DONE!!
2.add pic & link
3. add favourite pattern
ni cantik....
ni pun ok gak...
and my comment?
suka pattern n warna ni.. pasal...( bismillah...)
 (1)  sape takmo baju raya sponsor, babeeee....!!!  
(2) namanya "KURUNG ALADIN" menawan kalbu.. creative sungguh!!
 (3) shape da lari.. so baju kurung ala2 jubah kira selamat dari segala segi...  warna pun gelap ... mana tahu leh nampak  slim-melim balik...dan hiasan "yang berpatutan" dan tidak keterlaluan..senang nak match kan ngan mana-mana tudung .. tudung cerah boleh, gelap boleh.. bercorak lagi cantik...kan?
 (4) lagipun aurat terjaga dari memperagakan body - tak sseksi sangat (wakaka cam la pakai baju kurung seksi,kan??) 
 (5) hubby mmg suka kalau saya pakai jubah.. tapi tengah breast feed so, baju kurung ala jubah - semua pihak (diri sendiri, anak2 & suami) puashati..:D
(6) baju ala-ala jubah (very good n inspiring combinations)  adalah fesyen paling terkini.. tak pernah ada lagi dalam koleksi hidup saya... teringin gak nak melawa walaupun dah beranak lima orang ... :D (nak jadik "mama vogue", gitu..)
(7)  kalau la dapat ni (mula la berangan mat jenin  aladdin) umpama dapat BONUS la... almaklum la kan kita full-time housewife jer... bonus nie takde dalam kalendar hidup... uhuhuh

4. my measurement (usually size 42!!!)
semua ukurlilit, kan????
dada ... owww.. kalau size coli 36.. tapi bila ukur 39"- 40" la pulok..pinggang =35 - 36" ,punggung = 41-42", labuh tangan = 24"labuh baju = 40"
( alahai.. mmg tak sure la ukuran nie.. pasal mmg da lama tak ambik ukuran.. maksud lain... da lama tak buat baju sendiri...psst.. baju saya ,saya tempah atau beli siap (size 42).. baju anak jer saya buat.. heheheh)

5. leave my comment at entry .. ok da kat sini
tq for d chance....
June 12, 2011


GIFT: BROOCH... comei tau!!

Interested?? Go to this link : CBB 2ND GIVEAWAY


Last night my daughter reluctant to go to sleep... well, i took the chance to surf the net while breastfeed her... i came across SEW MAMA SEW on FABRIC LINER  FOR STORAGE BASKET 

..looks simple and really make a new look to the basket... 
So, the next morning...(while my daughter was sleeping like a sleeping beauty).. what i did.. i took my red plastic basket (which actually was my husband's - last year's raya hamper basket.).. ..  trying my best to transform the basket to IKEA basket... (uhuhuh perasan la pulokkkk )... but no need to tell the "secret" to the world since the picture still can tell the truth... :P

anyway, the basket is now perfect to be my fabric storage basket for my Work In Progress... with cloths on rather than naked...ahaks... :) 

pssst... did u noticed my HANDY friend?.. still there.:D.. 

PostHeaderIcon WIP DAY 4 : FINISHED CUTTING n introducing my NEW "found" sewing notion

Not much ... however finished cutting 4 pairs of baju melayu plus pants (seluar cerut jer...) for my boys and pending to send to tailor for serger (jahit tepi daaa....)... wait till tomorrow  .. while fetching the boys from school will send the pieces...to save petrol and time.

And the other good part is... i just realized that my precious (and previous posted) pin-cushions has been my buddy through out my cutting process... which was my "Hexagon pin-cushions"... it can holds all tools like scissors, needles, small cutter, measure tape, my seams allowances tool,.. in fact... it becomes my paper-weight (pemberat) to my work whenever my fan trying to fly my patterns away!!!.. windy days huhh???!!!.. It's so handy.. it deserved to get a handle...!!!
rather than i keep pinching the cushions part to move it around... Now it's really HANDY, right???
June 9, 2011

PostHeaderIcon WIP DAY 3 : BAJU RAYA 2011 (TULANG BELUT)

Tulang Belut or ‘Eel Spine’ is a decorative intricate stitch made at the neck of Baju Kurung or Baju Melayu. 

My mother used to teach me, but at that moment, i was not interested. My late mother-in-law too had the excellent handmade tulang belut, she shown me how to... but nope... not sink thru .. "masuk telinga kanan ..keluar telinga kiri".. :D
and now, when i m looking for the info ( mata dan hati baru nak terbuka belajar ) my mother said she has "lost of touch" maybe because of her blur vision.. so, again, i need to search in net ... but sad no more... i found info in the book i bought... plus, below notes which i found in the net.. tq to the original owner for sharing the notes

... IF you want to see 'step by step" in the color version...pls go to Norlimaliza for her tutorial..

So, i need to start practising now...hopefully "menjadik".... wait for the result, k...;D

Again A BIG THANK YOU to the owner of the notes and a tutorial for sharing...
.>>>>>>> TWO DAYS LATER<<<<<<<<


i've came across Life with NeezaNeedle on tips n how to cut n prepare neckline for baju kurung which quite similar for this kind of baju melayu.Really save me from having  headaches esp when  magic happened during neckline and pattern are not coorperative!! ( u know what i meant....)

Also, tips on how to prepare pockets from Aku dan Sulaman which never cross my mind. What i did was i cello-taped around the pattern to the fabric, before ironing... fuh!! i smile to myself whenever i recalled that....

here is the result :

However,there's also an alternative ....nowadays there're ready made pockets n collar templates at Koleksi Ain Kasih...however you still need to sew them, though..

Other easy alternative... buy the ready-made baju melayu..LOL.. but you will never feel the feeling of triumphant with extreme joy n satisfaction when d project finally finished.


I LOVE tutorial from MyLife As JulieMom - Pajama Pants because of the detailing (where i do understand where's a head n tail).. but i followed Simple Modern Mom's Tutorial  because it's straight forward explaination.. :D

Later, when i sew the elastic, i probably will follow this You Tube:

Sewing An Elastic Waist Band On Pajama Pants by VanillaJoy1 

since it looks neat n even...

PostHeaderIcon Alhamdulillah... rezeki lagi...

I would like to say   "Thank You" to the owner of the blog... Niza... for selecting me as one of her giveaway winner...

Yes!!! n Thank God... i will receiving one of these....

If you wish to read about my Mother's Day write-up that won the gift please click here.

June 8, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Work In Process (WIP - DAY 1) - BAJU RAYA 2011 (MAKING TEMPLATES)

I've started to measure n make patterns for my boys' "baju melayu" for this coming raya. I plan to make 2 pcs for each of them. One is a baju melayu cekak musang which will be in "not so pink and not so red" color. and the other one will be a baju melayu johor or baju teluk belanga in lite yellow.  Both are from cottons material  for my easy handling and comfortable for them to wear.

This time i choose to start early preparation since i want to take easy n calm moments to do this baju melayu. Hopefully, they turn up well, with neat n well done job.

I admitted, i 've a bit more confident since i have one manual (which i downloaded earlier, in fact i even "minta restu" from the owner blog to download the file to make the knowledge diberkati...amin ) and a book with full of new techniques n clearer pictures. also, i can search thru internet for additional info and tips. Such as, on what i found in Azimadiyshop  on how to take measurement. look easy but tricky and sometimes we know, but how far do we know?.

Things i need to remember n take note are:
(all below pictures taken from the above books - only for my notes purposes, no intention to republish or take credit, k)
1) to "curve" at the "tangan"

2) all seams need to be consistent like all parts will be 3/4" except 2" at the ujung tangan, ujung badan and ujung pesak (pls correct me, if i m wrong) ooo by the way bear in mind seams for "jahit tepi".... i nearly forgot that..
3) Part n portions of the fabric for body (badan),tangan, pesak n kekek and of course for d pants to save the usage of fabric

4) make sure "curi" fabric while cutting for "badan" n 'ujung tangan" for easy finishing later.

So far, i've cut 2 baju (pants-not yet!) for my 3rd n 4th boy. d yellow one first, since it's a baju johor, i intent to sew "tulang belut" on the neckline (amboi... ambitious huh??!!).

I even copy the idea of sewing notion which i admired n posted earlier... and here is my version... for 3/4" seams allowance... really helps me to cut in straight line with equal seams allowances...

don't laugh at the look because they are my heroes for the "adventure" today!!

Why 2nd blog?

Established in April 2011 (after a year from existence of my 1st blog). For my personal filing and ease of reference. Also as a place to preserve and a way for my self expression for all my previous learning processes, experiences and the time spent.
*Wish that you all would kindly excuse me for my poor command of English for I'm only an occasional English user.
*I appreciate it very much, if you be kind enough to leave me a note or two to mark your visit.*
*Thank you.*



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