June 25, 2011


24TH june 2011
 i was so "admiring" (so called SS now) my multipurpose bag till i m falling to buy a PVC fabrics... but... when i try to search the pro n cons of the quality  n way to sew them... there're so many techniques n tips that hinted the fabric will be too sticky too sew by its' own... 
well, "kalau tak cuba tak tahu", so, i ended sewn my own prototype for my so call MULTIPURPOSE bag... well.. not bad... not as tough as i thought... (maybe they're refering to different type of fabric... or perhaps.. it will  damaged my machine.. sooner or later...)

this was my first time doing the zipper in the bags which i followed U-HANDBAG's tutorial.. by slotting the pieces through the outer fabric... or other way to learn is through CRAFT PASSION's tutorial.

I plan to use Magnetic buttons... but still figuring where to buy and how to install... I am considering to buy at ETSY.. but need to buy in 50pcs.. ( would it worth it?) and i found DESIGNER BAG's how to install a sew-in magnetic bag and at LOVEMEKNOT CREATIONS on How to Install a Magnetic Snap. And for the meanwhile i just used VELCRO..

emm... while i m still "stunt" with my work.. my 4th son came to me with a note from kindergarten informing on the coming birthday party for one of their students which also one of my son's classmate.. ( infact he even mentioned that the girl is his "girlfriend"!!  perasan tul..)... well, the right time, the right thing!! The bag is hers...



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