June 26, 2011


26TH JUNE 2011
I knew that somehow someday i will need a used fabrics from trousers for something useful... hehe luckily i saved some of my husband's trousers & khaki pants which still in good conditions in certain parts.. esp at the pockets area...
and my boys keep forgeting their "bekas bekal" when returning home from school... and their excuses will be "not enough hand to grab everything " ... i was wondering how come every morning i can see they have both hands (enough) for everything??.. excuses.. excuses..

so... tara... my alternatives and solutions for "not enough hand"'s excuses.. 
when u can use your shoulder to carry these... SLING BAG FOR YOUR "BEKAL" 
which i inspired form PETITE PURLS's blog

i add additional "pouch" or "punjut" at the top of the bag to cover or perhaps to avoid if the bottle accidentally   "jumping out" to commit suicide.. :D ..besides the boys said that their friends like to peeping into their things esp new things / "gadget" ...

Big enough to carry a small snack container and a bottle of water... even it has a front pocket to slot in pen-drives, money and note books... ( in fact i heard they said they wanted to put pencil case... emmm wahtever.. as long as you guys happy). tHIS bag also has a secret compartment at the bag... (which is the slip pocket at the side)... they are so eager to model it at school.. i not even finish the finishes... well... as usual.. as a "prototype".. .i m glad they like it...... i hope  they will have "everything" when they come home today.. everyday...:D


athisya nevercanbereplace said...

lawanye..handmade yg cool..cmne nk order..?

soo cool..i thought..hu3

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