June 14, 2011


But why "RETAS BALIK"????
because.... emmm yesterday i went to the usual place i send for serger... but this time the owner of the shop said " TAda SENANG OOO TAda SENANG...!!" not even looked up at me.. huh... ('action' heah?!!).... even though i kind of upset with her respond... i kept my voice low... until she finally looked up and maybe she just realized i was holding my baby with one hand .. and the other hand my bag ( ooo my green bag).. then she lowered down her voice and recommended me to the other shop. I went to the suggested shop, but it was closed... my last chance was to go to my tailor where i used to go for my handmade baju kurung... i try to avoid to go there..due to....'segan ooo'... her hand sewn is very neat... but... what the hack...

So, i went there... with my hands open and of course my mind should be opened as i am in learning process now, right... ego has to put aside... uhuhuh.. and.. she immediately responded to my works... ( surprisingly i took her adviced with glad)... she even taught me and gave me a tutorial on "how to curve my pocket.. and how to sew the pocket to the fabric".. 

So the lessons learned today... with the TIPs ( as i maybe knew, but took for granted)

1) my pockets should be in curves... (bulat) at below corner...

the funny things is.. my pockets were round... but the way i sewn them make them not round...:D

 2) the grain of the body fabric was not parallel with the grain of my pocket... 

which i knew ... but hoping tt nobody noticed.. hehehe... but a tailor knows best!!

3) My thread was a bit darker compared to my fabric... the thread should be lighter in color to blend-in into the fabric so that if there's any mistake not so obvious...

... as i bought the thread before, i was hoping that the colour will match with the fabric... as yellow is yellow... hehe silly me..

so... UNDO ALL!!!... luckily the body and the other parts yet to sew... n raya is still far away... still ample time to redo ... no prob.. n so glad that the first shop "shush" me away... or else.. my sticthing ... well... you can guess, right???

THANK YOU K IDA... for willing to show me my wrong doings..... :D
like pepatah melayu saying..."Segan bertanya sesat jalan"...

after alterations... 
(changed thread, fabric grain.. and curve...!! yeah.. )

emm leh tengok kat Mila@ Rimbun .. ada tutorial n tips lekat poket...


azima said...

tang membulat tue kena praktis lelebih..

Mila@Rimbun said...

2 perkara yg saya sentiasa ingat bila jahit poket ni adalah... janga angkat footer masa jahit lekuk tuh... anyway saya ada jugak buat tutorial pasal ni.. kut ler boleh menambah ilmu skit2 kan silalah ke blog saya

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