June 28, 2011

PostHeaderIcon WIP DAY 8 : FINISHES

Well, i think it's not fair that i'm counting my WIP with days... it's should be in NO's... right? since i m not concentrating the WIP in the day to day basis... ( quite boring la with that method)... in fact i m mingling with other things in between...


The progress now..almost done... right now i m doing Tulang belut for my 2nd sons ( i started from my 4th and 3rd ).. so which means... i am now at 2.5/4 stage..about 65% for the tulang belut... but for baju.. 100% done...

My tulang belut is getting better ( as per my husband's observation la...)
as i m doing that stitch.. i kept reminding myself about...:
1) jahitan kena rapat2.. (as per my "online teacher"'s remarks... - thanks dear :D )
2) consistency is a must..
3) good lighting ( kalau tak asyik terbabas jer... n  ended up ...ngantuk babe...)
4) mood mesti ada...


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