June 9, 2011

PostHeaderIcon WIP DAY 3 : BAJU RAYA 2011 (TULANG BELUT)

Tulang Belut or ‘Eel Spine’ is a decorative intricate stitch made at the neck of Baju Kurung or Baju Melayu. 

My mother used to teach me, but at that moment, i was not interested. My late mother-in-law too had the excellent handmade tulang belut, she shown me how to... but nope... not sink thru .. "masuk telinga kanan ..keluar telinga kiri".. :D
and now, when i m looking for the info ( mata dan hati baru nak terbuka belajar ) my mother said she has "lost of touch" maybe because of her blur vision.. so, again, i need to search in net ... but sad no more... i found info in the book i bought... plus, below notes which i found in the net.. tq to the original owner for sharing the notes

... IF you want to see 'step by step" in the color version...pls go to Norlimaliza for her tutorial..

So, i need to start practising now...hopefully "menjadik".... wait for the result, k...;D

Again A BIG THANK YOU to the owner of the notes and a tutorial for sharing...
.>>>>>>> TWO DAYS LATER<<<<<<<<

I spent 2 days to practice the stitches... HERE are the result....
not sure whether it's perfect or not... need more practising... practise makes prefect, right??


ima said...

wahh. thanks for the credit.
your stitches getting better after few attempts.
kalau cucuk rapat-rapat lagi maybe nampak lebih kemas.
well done!

Nomaliza Azman said...

Hi. I was trying to go to the linked website and said it's for invited readers only, how do I get the invitation?

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