June 8, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Work In Process (WIP - DAY 1) - BAJU RAYA 2011 (MAKING TEMPLATES)

I've started to measure n make patterns for my boys' "baju melayu" for this coming raya. I plan to make 2 pcs for each of them. One is a baju melayu cekak musang which will be in "not so pink and not so red" color. and the other one will be a baju melayu johor or baju teluk belanga in lite yellow.  Both are from cottons material  for my easy handling and comfortable for them to wear.

This time i choose to start early preparation since i want to take easy n calm moments to do this baju melayu. Hopefully, they turn up well, with neat n well done job.

I admitted, i 've a bit more confident since i have one manual (which i downloaded earlier, in fact i even "minta restu" from the owner blog to download the file to make the knowledge diberkati...amin ) and a book with full of new techniques n clearer pictures. also, i can search thru internet for additional info and tips. Such as, on what i found in Azimadiyshop  on how to take measurement. look easy but tricky and sometimes we know, but how far do we know?.

Things i need to remember n take note are:
(all below pictures taken from the above books - only for my notes purposes, no intention to republish or take credit, k)
1) to "curve" at the "tangan"

2) all seams need to be consistent like all parts will be 3/4" except 2" at the ujung tangan, ujung badan and ujung pesak (pls correct me, if i m wrong) ooo by the way bear in mind seams for "jahit tepi".... i nearly forgot that..
3) Part n portions of the fabric for body (badan),tangan, pesak n kekek and of course for d pants to save the usage of fabric

4) make sure "curi" fabric while cutting for "badan" n 'ujung tangan" for easy finishing later.

So far, i've cut 2 baju (pants-not yet!) for my 3rd n 4th boy. d yellow one first, since it's a baju johor, i intent to sew "tulang belut" on the neckline (amboi... ambitious huh??!!).

I even copy the idea of sewing notion which i admired n posted earlier... and here is my version... for 3/4" seams allowance... really helps me to cut in straight line with equal seams allowances...

don't laugh at the look because they are my heroes for the "adventure" today!!


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