June 22, 2011


It's been a while since the last time i updated the WIP progress...(well maybe bcoz  it's STILL n ALWAYS in the progress... ngheee..)

So after undo stitches of the pockets.. redo.. stitched again... so .. the result is much better version... ( i think)..

Then i started attaching the "Kekek" to "Pesak"... then to "Lengan"... and to the "Body"... in between one baju melayu to the other.. i managed to finish one " Tulang Belut" on neckline to my putera4's baju melayu.. kind of "kasar"... but.. "belasah" jer la... :D

1. The tracing paper which they claimed to be washable and erasable... actually it will takes awhile... (which wil be a long-long time) to be erased.. so .. make sure you trace on the wrong side . or use only chalk (kapur)... not as per my "belasah" type... which ended with my boys will be wearing baju melayu raya with "tracing" marks... hehehe.. (well what the hacks...) .. i hope nobody will pay any attention to the details.. except me... 

2. Iron will be your "best" buddy through out the process of attaching... no iron... no neat... so,sweating during that, is a must!!!

3.  Keep on "testing" on your boys' body esp when they are around you... so that you can adjust immediately... especially the length of the pants... and the length of "lengan"... even though i measured them before... but miracles happened... my measurements are seldom right!! (emm maybe that's why my boys will keep their distance when i'm with Mr Singer... )

4. Patience... patience...


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