July 18, 2011


 i finally done with my Cekak Musang.. or should i called them as "Ceong Sam Collar".
 and here are some notes which for my self reminder.. since i may need these.. perhaps.. next year.... wakakaka ( al maklum.. buat setahun sekali)


Tips of the day
1. Fabric for "Tetulang" to follow the grain
2. fabric for collar... to be "serong" sikit baru cantik..
3. Try to avoid the thread to be "putus-putus"... better go straight jer.. baru nampak ok..
4. Always double check the measurement kat neckline tu before cutting interfacing + fabric ...
5. The "teeth" kat Tetulang tu.. biar ada gap... baru senang n cantik..

and here are the half way thru for my 2nd WIP...
and today i finished  with my 4th putera's cekak musang.
Tapi ada ke patut bila suruh dia try .. dia kata " Cam Ultraman Jahat la"... heheh because the Badan not yet cantum ngan lengan...


Mila@Rimbun said...

makin banyak mesti makin cantik kan.. and lot to learn.. rasanya last year ada buat satu untuk anak sedar, this year dah malas

Umi E-ca (Sms@017 - 3 3 1 0 4 0 5) said...

betul la mila..a lot more to learn. actually my son yg first jer nak .. pastu adik2 dia tengok.. cam "handsome" so semua nak...memula suspen nak try.. tapi bila da menjadik.. rasa ketagih...lagipun too be fair kan... ( i ada 4 boys!!!)..

rasanya next year.. cam you jugak kot...hehehe wish me luck,k...

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