July 26, 2011


While i am "gladly" continuing my WIP with a brand new matching thread... and with a new spirit to finish them all before Ramadhan...
There came my 4th son with his MESSAGE BOOK.. with his "mess-age" voice ( due to his non-stop talking and talking ) telling me that tomorrow he's going for EDUCATIONAL TRIP TO ZOO JOHOR..
He said " Teacher said.. can bring only "Bekal Air".. if do not have carrier.. can tie a string on the bottle to carry it.." ... aduh kesian nye...

So i dropped everything... and doing this bottle carrier for the rest of the day...

even he requested that his "A" should be that way... not as "a"
so glad he likes it because he is kind of "shame-shame" boy when comes to new or different things than his friends..
Personally my favourite part was its nose.. because it's made from a pointing round button which originally meant for baju melayu... well at least something for my boy to "gentel2" while he's bored...:D

WIP will soon continues... while wondering... emmm should i add "whiskers" to differentiate between 'a mouse" or " a monkey"? ...  my husband answered was.. " let's people guessing..."


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