July 12, 2011

PostHeaderIcon 3rd cum 2nd Giveaway -CREATIVE COCOON and D'Amani Cottontherapy

The details of the giveaway, as follows:
DURATION: 4-17 July, 2011
to participate, please:
a) follow Creative Cocoon and D'Amani Cottontherapy (if you haven't) - DONE!! ( umi Eca / girlynicknack)
b) like us/become our friend at our facebook pages (if you haven't) - done too!!
c) let us know "what's your opinion about handmade items?"
My opinions about handmade items...they are
1) original... (asli !!)
2) will never be perfect duplicate.
3) no body can get the same item even they go to the same shop (blog)
4) is made for you only..
5) if you are a sewer, you will be satisfied when somebody else appreciate your handmade
6) handmade by yourself for your own will be the best!! (Tapi kalau boleh dan mampu la... uhuhuh like myself... nak buat.. tapi tak sempurna..) 
7) if only i can get the free sponsor clutches or the pouch for coming raya... and especially it's handmade.. it will be wonders...

d) leave your comment here with the link of your blog entry about this giveaway, or you can do that at the D'Amani Cottoctherapy's website; you don't have to comment at both sites


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Established in April 2011 (after a year from existence of my 1st blog). For my personal filing and ease of reference. Also as a place to preserve and a way for my self expression for all my previous learning processes, experiences and the time spent.
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