November 2, 2011

PostHeaderIcon OREO LOLLIPOP... yummmmm

I am looking for something which is simple ... murah... but yet nampak cantik, mahal ... possible tak??
My third son was born on 20th December... this year he's going to be 9!! tapi kesian.. time cuti sekolah.. so takde la chance nak bawak goody bag ke sekolah kasi kat kawan2... and sadly umi dia jenis malas betul nak buat birthday party.. pasalnya kalau buat untuk sorang.. nnt lepas sorang .. lepas sorang.. mesti semua nak kan.. rabak la poket abahnye...  so buat simple party favor la.. b4 school ended la eik???... jimat...
I've tried pop cake... but .. toooo messy la.. x suka x suka x suka......
 my second thought was... nak beli chocolate bar and buat customized label.. printed.. and balut kat bar tu... tapi i dont think it will be appreciated by the kids... kang buat penat.. kes buang jer...

so... i bumped to this tutorial.... OREO LOLLIPOP... and here is my first trial...

senang, murah, cantik... and most important is sedap...!!! emmm sambil buat sambil nyap... ( ish ish ish bila la nak "tobat" makan nie... )


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