May 15, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Apron lagi...

cuba lagi.. semalam potong.. arini lepas g LHDN jahit.
(my hubby's la.. i ni mana ada potongan tax lagi). 
best part.. tapau lauk.. so tak yah masak lunch.. heheheh
puas hati kali ni punya result...
poket? perfect spot
waist band? not to hard
pattern/size? just nice

slack?? emmm kombinasi kali ni cam "orang kampung" sikit..
actually, niat hati nak kasi kat sis-in -law..
maybe cari fabric lain la.. cam tak sesuai..

my 2nd son's first impression.." apron ni cam sexy sikit la umi"...

hahaha ish.. tu yang syok tu.. apa salahnya sexy didapur... hahahah


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