May 16, 2012

PostHeaderIcon oooo ADA gak senasib dengan ku..

saya terbaca satu keluhan rasa dari blog nie.. yang amat menyentuh hati dan perasaanku... tak sangka ada gak senasib denganku... antara yang diluahkan...

"Um… not so much. 
I have this dream.  You know the one.  It is the one where the kids are playing quietly, my devoted husband is taking care all the household responsibilities and I have uninterrupted time to sew for hours on end.  Fulfilling all my quilting dreams and desires. 
Instead, in the real world, the kids are never playing quietly and if they are there is always one child who isstarving and must be fed immediately.  And that devoted husband of mine?  Where is he?  Work.  Real work.  That unfortunately for me, paid work comes first.  
This little creative outlet of mine is a hobby.  Sometimes I have to remember that.  Which is hard.  Blogging and all things crafty is my therapy and keeps me sane.  Like eating, and a little daily exercise it is a required activity that keeps me off the nearest ledge contemplating my next move.
Can any of you relate? ......"

Nak baca lagi... sila ke blog beliau di A Girl In Paradise...


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