May 11, 2011

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Aku jumpa cara buat zipper pencil box kat you tube nie... terus aku g shopping beli zip banyak2 .. n buat.. senang... siap anak aku jadi dealer kat sekolah.. macam2 warna yang telah dijual..:) diantaranya...

 tak larat nak snap pic da... rasa about 50pcs d sold.. (pasal tahu, aku buatkan order form for my boys to fill-up whenever there is any order or payment).. they gladly do it since... whenever full payment received they will get their commision... sape tak mo babe... macam pisang panas... umi nye pun panas punggung kat rumah... but anyway good practice for them on business minded thingy...  i think...

HERE some more ideas on ZIPPERED POUCHES


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