September 21, 2011

PostHeaderIcon MY 8TH kek kukus this raya month!!

This must be good.... IT IS good and delicious and easy and yummy too!!!... It has been my sons favourite cake for this raya...

so easy with no fussy ingredients... i even da hafal da bahan without looking at the recipe da.. hehehe

i got the recipe from my cousin who got from her cousin who got from the internet... so sharing sharing la kira kan...

bAHAN BAHAN  dan cara NYE...
1 cawan gula
1 biji telur
              ---> putar sampai kembang
1 cawan minyak masak
1 cawan susu pekat
1 sudu besar nescafe
              --> kasi putar lagi...sementara tu ayak
2 cawan tepung
1 sudu teh baking powder
1 cawan serbuk koko
              --> campur sikit2.. pastu campur
1 cawan air panas..

semenatara kacau kacau tadi.. periuk kukusan da siap panas da tau.. acuan pun da siap di alas kertas minyak..

pastu letak atas kukusan.. ( jangan lupa tutup ngan kain tutup kukusan) kukus 1 jam..

da siap tunggu sejuk baru cairkan coklat cooking + butter sikit.. curah atas kek.. hias sepuasnya..


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