September 29, 2011

PostHeaderIcon MY BOYS are playing batu seremban???

I was so surprised when my boys requested me to make them BATU SEREMBAN.. what!! boys ada ke main tu?? heheh... YES umi... in fact the boys are champion in their class... mengalahkan budak perempuan... really??!! waaaa... zaman sekarang ya..

Nasib baik la ada terbaca before this kat Kak Dee's blog pasal Batu Seremban... so ada la reference.. kalau mengejut jer.. kekadang otak jem... walaupun simple.. tapi bila otak da beku.. tak menjadi nye... so memikirkan sementara da boys minat... i quickly went thru my saki baki fabric... and ended up doing 3 sets of BATU SEREMBAN... walaupun tak secomel Kak Dee nye beg bunjut... tapi boleh la kan...


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